Duties of a Chief Engineer

Duties of a Chief Engineers

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Chief Engineers Duties and Responsibilities 


            A feed water treatment program should be supervised by a reliable water consultant firm. They should do periodic testing as a check on the plants procedures. They should be called in to inspect boilers when opened for annual inspection and before any cleaning is started.

            Detail procedures should be written up for each testing procedure. Operators performing such test should be well trained and supervised. Persons supervising testers should be well versed in all testing procedures. All testing chemicals and treatment chemicals should be clearly marked and information as to any hazard they may produce clearly be made available and posted. Safety procedures and protective equipment required should be made readily available and in good repair. Safety fountains and showers should be available as needed and kept ready and available for use.

            The Chief or a responsible engineer should be assigned to track feed water program.

                        1. Testing

                                    A. Testing procedures

                                    B. Logging results

                                    C. Recommended treatment

                                    D. Blowdown

                        2. Safety Procedures

                                    A. Chemical hazards

                                    B. Safety equipment

                                    C. Accident procedure

                                    D. Chemical storage

E. Chemical ordering

                        3. Chemical storage and handling


                Fire protection system prints and operation instructions should be maintained in the power plant. . Equipment should be inspected periodically as recommended by the manufacturer or a company specializing in such service. Fire protection should be part of the training program. "What to do in case of a fire" procedures should be written up and reviewed periodically. Fire fighting equipment should be kept in good repair and periodically inspected. Operators should be trained on any fire fighting systems and equipment. Periodic fire drills should be held.

                1. Fire procedures

                2. Fire protection systems, equipment and operating      procedures and fire pumps.

                3. Contact local fire department about your plant and fire protection.

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